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The LINE Agency is looking for strongly open minded & creative partners and customers, who want to create simply, but brilliant work with a sustainable  commercial strategy base.

We want to solve a challenge by thinking outside the box, being brave enough to scale the market with a completely new way of solution.

We create a LINE between people, fields of work and technologies.

Jr. Projekt Manager
Management Assistant
Jr. Operation Manager
Feel good manager
Executive Director
Key Account Manager

8 Professionals

graphic designer . performance marketing manager . videographer . photographer . influencer relation manager . art director . social media manager

based in Berlin & Weimar

Our Guidelines

The 5 How's

How can we work transparent?

We are convinced of a sharing is caring thinking. That’s why we work and live in a constant exchange, always open for other views and new ideas. We belief, that the highest transparent commitment is the base to lead this market. 

How can I help you?

Three things to say: We create things on the highest level of customer friendliness and employee friendliness. We seek diversity. Company is family.

How can we simplify this to perfection?

We belief, that simplicity is the highest form of optimization. Brilliant work is, when reducing a complex thing to it’s most important core – reducing the whole DNA to it’s fingerprint. Less is more.

How can we shorten this?

We are convinced of a success by sustainable working, using highly efficient tools on the market. We automate digital treadmill work and focus on challenges, that need real human skills and love.

How can we put creativity in this?

Back to the roots of childish thinking we start with a Why not? & What if?“ to look for new creative solutions. We don’t look for the average of things – we look for the top of extremely creative commercial concepts.

In Design + Marketing + Technology we trust.

Der Newsletter der LINE Agency

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